Our Promise

Building A Culture Rooted In Community

WTM? is an inclusive community designed to make it easier than ever to find great moves.


Businesses should have access to data, analytics, and tangible tools to grow and sustain themselves. People should have access to their local communities and the resources, events, and joy that it holds. And we should all have access to opportunity, growth, and resources to sustain ourselves.


Community is more than just an area or a location; it’s the people, organizations, and businesses that give it life. There’s strength in numbers, and power in the people. And we don’t only listen- we amplify the voices of the communities we serve.


We all we got, and What’s the Move? will prove that we all we need! Our model is based on the fact that we can lift as we climb, and live in a world where everybody eats. Creating virtuous cycles of success for everyone is our goal for establishing strong, self-sustaining, and vibrant communities.

Meet The Founding Team!

Justus Pugh


Justus currently works for a financial technology firm that works at the intersections of cannabis, social equity, and debt capital. Prior to this role, Justus worked for the Sustainable Student Impact team at the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation, Global Marketing Solutions Group at Facebook, and Institutional Equity S&T at JP Morgan. Outside of work, Justus is a creative writer and poet.

Amanuel Ghebremicael


manuel is a product expert at a leading technology company, working with anywhere from their smallest businesses to their largest enterprises to resolve their advertising pain-points. Prior to this role, Amanuel worked as Strategic Partnership & Advocacy Chair of the Georgetown Scholarship Program and as Director of Logistics for Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Outside of work, Amanuel is passionate about food, travel, and expanding his experience within the tech space.

WTM? Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for early access so you can try WTM?

We’d love to give you access! Try it Now

You can stay connected with us through social media, where we share any new updates and engage with our community of movers.
Instagram: @wtm.chi
Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn: Coming soon!

We’re constantly expanding and looking for new partnerships and collaborations to grow our community and the businesses we work with. A few of the partnerships we’re looking for (but not limited to) are:

- Community organizations
- Corporate sponsors
- Entrepreneur/Small business networks
- Community development centers
- Public sector administrations

At the end of the day, we’re all about community and working together to uplift everyone. So if that aligns with you, hit us up at connect@wtmove.app!

The WTM? family is growing, and we are looking for talent!

We are especially looking for people with the following backgrounds:

- Software Engineering
- Graphic Design
- Social Media
- Community Organizing
- Data Analytics
- Communications

If you are passionate about our mission, and want to get involved, e-mail us at connect@wtmove.app.

Yes, and it would be greatly appreciated! We are currently raising our seed round and your contribution would enable us to reach our launch goals. Reach out at invest@wtmove.app to schedule a meeting and get access to our investor materials.